3 Keys To Building Muscle

Let’s face it, most guys and some gals want to gain some pretty good muscle mass.  Succeeding at adding muscle takes hard work and following my Finish Life Well® Success Formula:  Discipline + Consistency + A Proven Plan + Time = Success!

The 3 keys to follow as a proven plan are simple to learn, but take discipline, consistency, and time to see results.  Here are the 3 things you need to implement to succeed:

  1. A PROVEN WORKOUT PROGRAM!  You need to lift weights to gain strength, which then packs on the muscle.  Your program should hit every muscle group in a way to cause your muscle to grow.  It should be a progressive system that builds on itself over time and uses the best techniques for success.
  2. A PROVEN MEAL PLAN!  Bottom-line, you need to eat to gain mass.  And you need to have a proven meal planning system that teaches and shows you what to eat and when so that you can have the best success possible.  Eating fruits, veggies, lean meats & proteins, and whole grains are a vital part of the process.  The system we use incorporates a proven meal plan that shows you how much to eat, what to eat when, and provides recipes as well.
  3. REST!  You need to rest after those intense workouts to give your body a chance to heal itself and grow.  At least 7 hours of sleep a night is needed to accomplish this for most people.  You also need a workout system that incorporates rest days at the appropriate time so that you are not overtraining.  Because overtraining can actually cause you to lose muscle, energy, and progress.  Our proven system implements rest as a vital part of your muscle growth and development.

Discipline + Consistency + A Proven Plan + Time = Success!

To learn more about the system I and many others use that implements these 3 Keys To Building Muscle, go to www.bodybuildingbeast.com.

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